The community garden - Photography by Pull Quote Crtive

The Community Garden

Thung doesn't speak any English, it was difficult. I didn't know how to start a conversation with someone who I couldn't communicate, approaching carefully I stood far away from her and I ask if she speak the language. She reply with a timid no, luckily there was a friend of her that could help her communicate, after I ask permission focus on her.

The day was overcast; there were huge clouds approaching the city, which made the light diffuse. Driving through the city I noticed there were people at the community garden. I had thought of taking pictures there sometime ago, but I hadn't had the chance or the encouragement to go there and take pictures. I decided that this time was the perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures since there was only a few people and I would be easier to overcome my discouragement.

Effort and long working hours has made this community garden a beacon of growth and beauty. Vegetables and flowers grown by patrons who volunteer time and labor, who also keep the garden in tip-top shape, is something that we as a community should be proud of and we truly are.

Schulman Ave. and Bernice Ave. host this collaboration gem. The community garden might not have the best presence on the web, but it has a better presence on our city. Located between what will become the new site of commerce in Garden City, neighboring both shopping malls and the community college’s stadium, this place will see more traffic.

Some things grown at the garden are flowers and I wish I could be a botanic student or know something about flowers to give you the names, but as soon as I find someone that can give me the names I will try to post them. Also vegetables and herbs are among the effervescent garden.


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